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"Son of the Firmament" 2020 (PAM009)
Post Apocalyptic Music (Netherlands)

Musatariq - Son of the Firmament 2020


Jesus' Tod
Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament

Release date: 18.08.2020
Limited to 50 copies (cassette). All tracks originally written and recorded by Burzum.
Distributed by Dying Sun Records

Two experimental acts pay tribute to one of the most experimental black metal albums of the nineties: Filosofem. Synthwave artist Musatariq subtly translates two Burzum songs (in contrast to the original) to futuristic soundscapes. Son of the Firmanent is a project by K. Ravko (Smoke, Cave Ritual, Void Prayer) and explores a more dark elecro translation of the spectrum. This cassette is not for the diehard Burzum fan. It's for anyone with an open mind and an understanding that black metal died some time ago. This release is limited to only 50 purple pro-cassettes with a full color inlay. Distributed exclusively by Dying Sun Records.

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