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"Aranyak Atman": A Vedic Tribute To Burzum 2014
Depressive Illusions Records

Aranyak Atman: A Vedic Tribute To Burzum 2014


Immurement - Dungeons of Darkness
Aazaab - Black Spell of Destruction
Demonos - Ea, Lord of the Depths
Zahhak - Lost Wisdom
Chhinnamasta - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Mrtyu - Jesu Død
Immortal Imperium - Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament
Arsonic - The Crying Orc

Artwork by Chhinnamasta
Pictures used have been taken by A.M., Chakravartin Vladcult and Khaos Illuminant
The album cover is a picture of Mount Everest viewed from Tengboche Monastery photographed by A.M.
This tribute album also symbolizes our support to Varg in his present struggle against the French Government
"Aranyak Atman" is Sanskrit for "the self that belongs to the forest"
Compiled by Sergiy Fjordsson (Сергій Гордіюк)

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