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Contra Maerorem
"Concrete Darkness. A Burzumian Hermeneutics" 2018
CoMa Records

Contra Maerorem - Concrete Darkness. A Burzumian Hermeneutics 2018


L'orco urlante ["The Crying Orc"]
Signore Antagonista ["Dominus Sathanas"]
Colui che ha vagato ["Han Som Reiste"]
Vuòto ["Tomhet"]
Circumambulazione del pilastro trascendentale della singolarità ["Rundtgåing Av Den Transcendentale Egenhetens Støtte"]
La pìra di Baldr ["Bálferð Baldrs"]
L'amóre di Nerþus ["Die Liebe Nerþus"]
Gli intrighi di Loki ["Leukes Renkespill"]
Dall'albero del mondo a Hel e nuovamente tornare ["Fra Venderstreet / Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen"]
Sassu Wunnu ["Sassu Wunnu"]
La danza degli elfi / La canzóne del caduto ["Alfadanz / Valgaldr"]
Dìo del Sole ["Sôlarguði"]
Foglie d'autunno ["Autumn Leaves"]

Release date: April 5, 2018
All tracks were originally created by Varg Vikernes
Music, logo and cover artwork by Contra Maerorem
Songtitles of the album and italian Burzum albums' titles in tracks' description have been borrowed from the Italian edition of Varg Vikernes' writings and interviews edited by Lupo B.B. (R.I.P.).

One track per album, covering the entire studio discography of Burzum from "Burzum" (1992) 'til "The Ways of Yore" (2014) in chronological order. Burzum music becomes the battlefield where (black) metal, dungeon synth, noise/industrial and concrete music clash. Raw sounds meet celestial melodies. No corrections. No embellishments. A lot more could be told, but... that's enough: perhaps listeners will hear. Limited edition 8-panel left-tray Digipack-CD fully manufactured in handmade Arabic fine rough paper w. 24 pages booklet: 1 copy. Not for sale, sorry. Sincere in Sentiment, Contra Maerorem

© 2018 CoMa Records (Italy)


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